A One-Stop Video Game Portal

Thousands of games are created and developed each day. There’s always a new princess to save, a crystal-powered vehicle to fly, a ticking bomb to defuse, and a bunch of infected zombies to kill. That’s why gamers have zero chill—there’s never a boring day with games!

Be it on gaming consoles, PCs, mobile phones, and other devices, games have evolved so much over time. They just have so much to offer in terms of art style, gameplay mechanics, and storyline. Because of all these, we’ve decided to create Game News Ninja, a one-stop portal for new and upcoming games for you passionate gamers around the world.

Game News Ninja helps you keep track of the progress and development of the game you’ve been dying to play and keeps you updated with the ones you are currently playing. Stay looped in on the game ratings, release dates, platform compatibility, new game modes and items, and even the latest esports news just by visiting GNN. Launched last February 2019, we now have 100+ website contributors and over 22,000 articles published and aiming to have more!

We’d also love to help the people in the same industry as we are. Game developers and game publishers are more than welcome to have their mobile, console, and/or PC games be featured on Game News Ninja. We hope that our video game portal could be a great new channel for you to build hype for your games.

Game News Ninja serves as a home for all gamers of all ages and of different locations. It’s a space where you can relax, enjoy, and be the gamer you are.

Game News Ninja is a proud member of the NSTBG Group.