BurgerTime Party! gameplay trailer shows off fun new features

Destructoid | Jun 13, 2019

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XSEED Games has finally released a gameplay trailer for upcoming Nintendo Switch throwback BurgerTime Party! which takes the classic 1982 arcade game and reinvents the action for the Nintendo platform. And it actually looks pretty good.As I'm sure you're aware, BurgerTime is a single-screen platformer that tasks our hero, Peter Pepper, with creating giant burgers by stacking their various ingredients, while dodging a selection of angry food items that chase the gourmet around the stage. Peter has the ability to defend himself by briefly stunning the enemies with his pepper shaker,  but this defence mechanism has very limited uses. Once Peter completes all of the burgers, OR DIES TRYING, the stage is complete. G-Mode's upcoming BurgerTime Party! stays true to the original's classic gameplay, but adds fun new ideas, various multiplayer options, new modes, enemies, and a fresh coat of paint. Read more...