Ninja Theory discuss character individuality in new Bleeding Edge gameplay video

Destructoid | Jun 13, 2019

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One of the more intriguing titles that has popped up in recent weeks is charismatic-looking melee fighter Bleeding Edge. Developed by Ninja Theory, best known for their sombre adventure Hellblade, Bleeding Edge looks to do a full 180 on that release, with its over-the-top bombastic gameplay, eccentric characters and wild multiplayer action.A new video by Inside Xbox - captured during this week's E3 festivities - features some Bleeding Edge gameplay, along with an interview with the game's creative director Rahni Tucker. Tucker takes the opportunity to discuss Bleeding Edge's roster of characters, explaining how not only are they defined by their three classes - Assassin's, Heavies and Supports - but also how each hero's slot system allows for further individual playstyles. Read more...