Dark Devotion Review (PC)

Hey Poor Player May 17, 2019

Deep Down In The Darkness Lies Salvation   How far would you go to display your devotion for the God that you both love and worship? In the game, Dark Devotion, this question is asked of the main character. And while you may feel as though you are a bit inundated in a sea of Dark Souls and Dark Souls-inspired games, I have reason to believe that you may want to make room on your palette for one more round of rolling and slashing your way to victory. Dark Devotion plays like a 2D action-adventure game where your Templar avatar delves into the inner recesses of a massive temple devoted to the faith of which she worships. Though, from the very beginning, it is evident… Read More... The post Dark Devotion Review (PC) appeared first on Hey Poor Player.

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