Neptunia Shooter Review (PC)

Hey Poor Player | Jun 14, 2019

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Bite-Sized Shooter, NepNep Flavoring     It’s fairly common practice for games to at least try to branch off into different genres to keep things fresh. Mario has RPG’s, racing, tennis, and more under his belt. Mega Man has adventure and soccer, and even the Senran Kagura series is taking a stab at pinball this summer. Being a game universe centered around the games industry and related subjects, it’s only relative that the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise would branch off into different genres of games as well. Originally starting as an RPG series, Neptunia has forayed into idol-raising/dancing sims, card battle games, and musou-style games (one of which I personally reviewed a long time ago here). The Neptunia universe is no stranger to trying something different,… Read More... The post Neptunia Shooter Review (PC) appeared first on Hey Poor Player.