Skull and Bones E3 2019 appearance not happening following more delays

Starstruck Gaming May 16, 2019

Most of us were probably hoping for a release date if not at least some new content after Skull and Bones was announced last year. It seems now though that Ubisoft’s upcoming sea-dog title has been hit by delays, meaning we won’t even see a Skull and Bones E3 2019 appearance. No Skull and Bones E3 2019 showing – when could we see a release? Thanks to the latest delay which was communicated during a recent Earnings call, it seems as though we could be waiting almost a year before we man our first Skull and Bones ship. Specifically 2020/2021 was the fiscal year Ubisoft reckons we could see a release, but at this point there’s no release date set in stone just yet. After the news broke that we won’t see a Skull and Bones E3 2019 teaser the Skull and Bones official twitter channel dropped a Tweet to try and soften the blow for disappointed shipmates. Ubisoft need more time to invest into the development of the game, with Karl Lune Skull and Bones producer saying “Rest assured that we are working as hard to ever to make sure the game is going to be as great as possible, and quality remains our number one focus,” and that “We will be back as soon as we can with exciting new updates.” We’re going to batten down the hatches and push back on the game’s arrival—this is a challenging news for us all, but it’s what’s needed to make Skull & Bones as awesome as it can be! Our focus remains on quality first and we’re grateful for your undying support ☠️⚔️ pic.twitter.com/ZCt85tY3TG — Skull & Bones (@skullnbonesgame) May 15, 2019 Skull and Bones E3 2019 may be off the table but for those who didn’t see the announce of the game in 2017, in a nutshell the game takes the sections from Assassin’s Creed that involved sailing elements, and looks to place these into multiplayer sea voyages. Players will captain some impressive ships and their crews respectively to leave enemy pirates walking the planks, while working with other players to find the spoils hidden at sea. For those who’ve not kept up with the news, the Skull and Bones E3 2019 delay and no-show isn’t the first as a financial report last year saw a similar scenario re-occur. Although we did see a Skull and Bones tease at E3 2018 it does seem that for now at least, we’re going to have to sit tight on deck before we see a release date. Some players have speculated that Skull and Bones sounds pretty similar to that of rare’s Sea of thieves title, but from what we’ve seen so far the in-game mechanics appear to be entirely different. Check out the trailer below to see what we could have witnessed for Skull and Bones E3 2019 (if it had happened). Make sure to check out our E3 2019 hub, where we’ll be posting news and updates about the games that are revealed next month. The post Skull and Bones E3 2019 appearance not happening following more delays appeared first on Star Struck Gaming.

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